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Election Resources
Elections by country (Wikipedia)
Electoral Geography 2.0
IFES Election Guide
Elections & Electoral Systems
District-Level Electoral Data
Suchmaschine für direkte Demokratie (Search Engine for Direct Democracy, in German)


NSD European Election Database
Parties and Elections in Europe
Robert Schumann Foundation’s European Elections Monitor
Elections en Europe (in French)
EU elections 2004
EU elections 2009

United Kingdom

U.K. Election Results
Northern Ireland Elections
Andrew Teale’s Local Elections Archive Project (LEAP)
U.K. Local Government Makeup
BBC Election 2010

Ireland (includes Northern Ireland)

Pages in German
Weimar Election Results
German election archive Wahlarchiv
Der Bundeswahlleiter
Wahlen-in-Deutschland (elections since 1867)

Pages in French

Ministry of Interior – Elections Dept. (official results since 1997)
Géoclip – Observatoire des votes en France (OVF) (interactive electoral maps)
CDSP Vizlab (Advanced Visualization Interface)

Official Swiss electoral sites are available in French, German and Italian. Links below link to the French page.

Swiss Statistics: Elections
Swiss Statistics: Popular Initiatives and Votes
Swiss Government: Chronological List of Popular Initiatives and Votes since 1848
Electoral Atlas
Elections Suisse

Pages in Spanish or Catalan

Ministry of Interior – Elections Dept.
Història Electoral
Elecciones en Euskadi (includes electoral archive and interactive maps of all elections in the Basque Country)

Pages in Italian

Ministry of Interior – Elections Dept.
Ministry of Interior – Electoral Archive – Archivio storico delle elezioni (since 1946)
Interactive electoral maps, 2008 and 2013 elections

Pages in Dutch

Official Dutch elections site – results since 1918
Dutch elections since 1918

Pages in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish – Danish opinion poll tracker
Official Swedish elections site
2010 Swedish election results (official website)
Official Norwegian elections site

Eastern and Southern Europe
Pages in various languages (Czech elections)
Czechoslovak elections 1920-1935
Polish elections 2007
Polish elections 2011
Greek Ministry of Interior: Elections
Interactive map of the June 2012 Greek election (awesome)
Interactive map of the May 2012 Greek election (more awesome)
Constituency-level data for Eastern Europe elections
Official Croatian elections site
Unofficial Moldovan elections site

Australia and New Zealand

ABC’s election page
NZ Election Commission


Election Atlas (poll-by-poll maps for federal and select provincial elections)
Poltext – Canadian federal electoral manifestos since 1949
Poltext – Canadian provincial electoral manifestos
Election Prediction
Pundits’ Guide
Elections Canada
Federal Ridings since 1867
Poll-by-poll results of the 2008 federal election (raw data)
Poll-by-poll results of the 2008 federal election
Poll-by-poll results of the 2011 federal election
Elections Quebec (DGEQ)
Elections Ontario
Elections BC

United States

Dave Leip’s Atlas of US Presidential Elections
Atlas Forum
NYT Electoral Explorer (2008)
NYT 2012 election results
WSJ 2012 election results maps
New York City mayoral election results by precinct (2009)
Swing State Project / DailyKos Elections
American Ethnic Geography

South America
Pages in Spanish or Portuguese

Andy Tow’s Argentinian electoral atlas
2011 Argentine election maps
Political Database of the Americas: Electoral results
Official Chilean elections site
Official Mexican elections site (IFE)
Archive of Mexican federal elections since 1990 (including maps)
Official Brazilian elections site
Database of Brazilian elections since 1945
Brazilian presidential elections since 1994 by municipality
Brazilian 2010 election in Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian 2010 election in São Paulo


African Elections Database
Official South African elections site


Official election site


Official election site


Bourne, Richard. Getulio Vargas of Brazil, 1883-1954: Sphinx of the Pampas. London: C. Knight, 1974.
Bourne, Richard. Lula of Brazil: the Story so Far. Berkeley: University of California, 2008.
Bullock, Charles S., and Mark J. Rozell. The New Politics of the Old South: an Introduction to Southern Politics. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2010.
Cardoso, Fernando Henrique, and Brian Winter. The Accidental President of Brazil: a Memoir. New York: PublicAffairs, 2006.
Lacoste, Yves. Dictionnaire de géopolitique. Paris: Flammarion, 1995. [fr]
Lacoste, Yves. Géopolitique: La longue histoire d’aujourd’hui. Paris: Larousse, 2006. [fr]
Lancelot, Marie-Thérèse, and Alain Lancelot. Atlas des circonscriptions électorales en France depuis 1875. Paris: Colin, 1970.
Ransom, Roger L. The Confederate States of America: What Might Have Been. New York: W.W. Norton &, 2005.
Reinhard, Philippe. Président! Paris: Editions First, 2007. [fr]
Romero-Salvado, Francisco J. Twentieth Century Spain: Politics and Society in Spain, 1898 – 1998. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1999.
Siegfried, André. Tableau politique de la France de l’ouest sous la Troisième République. Paris: A. Colin, 1913. [fr]
Skidmore, Thomas E., and Peter H. Smith. Modern Latin America. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.
Skidmore, Thomas E. Politics in Brazil, 1930-1964: an Experiment in Democracy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2007.
Sullivan, John. ETA and Basque Nationalism: the Fight for Euskadi, 1890-1986. London: Routledge, 1988.
Victor, Jean-Christophe, Viriginie Raisson, and Frank Tétart. Le Dessous Des Cartes : Atlas Géopolitique. Paris: ARTE Editions / Tallandier, 2006. [fr]

Academic Journal Articles

Goguel François. Géographie du référendum du 8 janvier 1961 dans la France métropolitaine. In: Revue française de science politique, 11e année, n°1, 1961. pp. 5-28. [link/fr]
Goguel François. Les élections françaises du 2 janvier 1956. In: Revue française de science politique, 6e année, n°1, 1956. pp. 5-17. [link/fr]
Goguel François. L’élection présidentielle française de décembre 1965. In: Revue française de science politique, 16e année, n°2, 1966. pp. 221-254. [link/fr]
Goguel François. Les élections législatives des 5 et 12 mars 1967. In: Revue française de science politique, 17e année, n°3, 1967. pp. 429-467. [link/fr]
Goguel François. Les élections législatives des 23 et 30 juin 1968. In: Revue française de science politique, 18e année, n°5, 1968. pp. 837-858. [link/fr]
Goguel François. Le référendum du 28 octobre et les élections des 18-25 novembre 1962. In: Revue française de science politique, 13e année, n°2, 1963. pp. 289-314. [link/fr]
Goguel François. Structure sociale et opinions politiques à Paris d’après les élections du 17 juin 1951. In: Revue française de science politique, 1e année, n°3, 1951. pp. 326-333. [link/fr]
Walker, David B. The Presidential Politics of the Franco-Americans. In: The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science Vol. 28 No. 3, 1962. pp. 353-363. [link]

  1. Lyn David Thomas

    Hi there, I notice you haven’t any coverage on the referendum on legislative powers for the National Assembly for Wales, can I refer you to the BBC coverage of it?

  2. beatrice roy

    I will propose you the European Elections Monitor of the Robert Schuman Foundation (in English and French) about all the elections in Europe.
    Thnaks for your website, full of information.

  3. beatrice roy

    here is the link of the Monitor (in english)
    and (in French)

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