France 2012/May 6: Liveblogging the second round and other May 6 elections

Join me for a special live blog of the second round starting at 18:00 local time (noon on North America’s eastern seaboard), featuring comments on turnout, the trends, the expectations, the exit polls at 20:00 and then the official results as they flow in. I’ll also be opening the board to discussion and taking all your questions related to the election, the results and what’s coming up next. There will be some coverage of elections in Greece, Serbia and Schleswig-Holstein as well.

To access the liveblog, please click here

Thank you for joining us!

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  1. ‘T was a good liveblog – I had to leave halfway though and when I came back you’d all just closed it, but I read up all that had been posted.

    Did you see these maps about the first round, by the way?

  2. Looks like the Greek elections will be causing the EU even more of a headache than already seemed earlier tonight: with 95% reporting, even New Democracy and PASOK together are getting just 150 out of 300 seats. Syriza and the commies together have 77 seats; protest party the Independent Greeks is at 33, and the fascists at 21.

    That leaves only the Democratic Left (DIMAR), at 19 seats parliament’s prospective smallest party, as possible coalition partner, but would they really willingly join such a government when ND has almost twice as many seats even as PASOK and DIMAR put together?

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