Germany 2009: Exit Polls

The CDU-CSU/FDP has, surprisingly, won a majority government tonight according to the ARD exit poll at 18:42 local time.

ARD (Infratest-Dimap) Exit Poll

CDU/CSU 33.4% (-1.8%) winning 212 or 228 seats
SPD 23.0% (-11.2%) winning 146 seats
FDP 14.7% (+4.9%) winning 94 seats
Left 12.6% (+3.9%) winning 80 seats
Greens 10.4% (+2.3%) winning 66 seats
Pirates 2.0% (+2.0%)
Others 3.9% (nc)
CDU-FDP 48.1% (+3.1%) winning 306 or 322 seats (MAJORITY)

Turnout 72% (-6%)

You can follow results on the official site in English here or on the ARD’s website. Nothing official is in yet, of course.

    Posted on September 27, 2009, in Germany. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

    1. Very disappointing…
      I can’t understand why the ultraliberals are getting so strong, whereas the crisis show how blatantly ridiculous their ideology has been during the past three decades.

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