Nova Scotia (Canada) 2009

Nova Scotians voted on June 9 to renew the 52 seats in the provincial House of Assembly. As widely expected (by pollsters and pundits), the opposition New Democrats (NDP) swept to power in a crushing landslide both in terms of votes and seats. The governing Progressive Conservatives (PC), led by outgoing Premier Rodney MacDonald, were pushed to a pitiful third place behind the Liberals (who posted minor gains).

Here are the full results:

New Democrats 45.26% (+10.63%) winning 31 seats (+11)
Liberal 27.22% (+3.78%) winning 11 seats (+2)
PC 24.52% (-15.05%) winning 10 seats (-13)
Greens 2.33% (nc)
Independents 0.67% (+0.63%)

And below is the fabled map of the result:

Nova Scotia 2009

Some surprising results on here. The NDP seems to have peaked in the Halifax-Dartmouth area. In fact, they actually lost Dartmouth-East to the Liberals and they haven’t won back the seat of Preston (large black community), which the NDP used to win in the past. The largest swings to the NDP were in rural areas – such as Cumberland North – definitely a big surprise. Cumberland North could be explained by the formerly PC-now-Independent MLA and the official PC candidate splitting the vote (their sum is superior to the number of votes cast for the NDP candidate), but the swing to the NDP there was undeniably quite massive. Also massive was the swing to NDP in Sydney (both seats are 70%+ NDP). I don’t know much about how the Cape Breton economy is doing now, but could it be an economic factor? The Liberal seats on the southwest coast have become ridiculously safe (huge margins, maybe a favourite son effect since the Liberal leader is from the region).

For those who like historical tidbits, this is the first NDP government in the Atlantic Provinces (and the first east of Ontario).

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