Macedonia 2009: Runoff

Gjorgje Ivanov has been elected President of Macedonia by a massive margin in the runoff, soundly defeated his SDSM rival Ljubomir Frčkoski. Turnout fell from 57.4% in the first round to 42.61%, just above the 40% turnout threshold required to validate the results of this election. Nearly 6% invalid ballots, about double the invalid ballots in the first round. I guess Albanian turnout wasn’t very good at all. We’ll have to wait for sub-national data, though.

Gjorgje Ivanov (VMRO-DPMNE) 61.14%
Ljubomir Frčkoski (SDSM) 36.86%

This result is a good result for the centre-right (sometimes classified by the foreign media gnomes as “nationalist” or even, rofl, “ultra-nationalist”) VMRO-DPMNE government of Nikola Gruevski. Also good news for Macedonia’s European future in general. These elections, contrarily to the 2008 legislative elections, were not marked by violence (1 dead, 9 wounded in 2008). Ivanov has stated that his first priority will be to settle the contentious Macedonian-Greek political conflict. Indeed, Ivanov has said he wants to meet the Greek President and solve the dispute concerning Macedonia’s name.


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