Bangladesh 2008, Update 1

Final results for the 299 seats which held a vote on December 29 are now out. Voting in Noakhali-1 constituency, where voting was delayed due to the death of a candidate, will be held on January 12.

Awami League 230 (+168)
Jatiya Party (Ershad) 27 (+16)
JSD-National Socialist Party 3 (+2)
Workers Party 2 (+1)
Liberal Democratic 1 (+1)
Grand Alliance 263 (+188)
BNP 29 (-164)
Jamaat-e-Islami 2 (-15)
Bangladesh Jatiya Party 1 (-4)
Four-Party Alliance 32 (-183)
Indies 4 (-2)

By region, the AL won16 out of 21 Barisal seats, 32/57 Chittagong seats, 87/94 Dhaka seats, 48/72 Rajshani seats, 30/36 Khulna seats, and 17/19 Sylhet seats. The BNP won no seats in Dhaka or Sylhet. A bit overhalf of the 27 Jatiya MPs come from Rajshani. An attempt at a general map will be posted when some popular vote results is available by district.

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