Daily Archives: December 29, 2008

Jammu and Kashmir 2008

Results for the state assembly elections were counted yesterday. Turnout was about 60%, despite calls by the nats to boycott the polls.

JKNC 28 (-)
PDP 20 (+4)
INC 17 (-3)
BJP 11 (+10)
Indies 4 (-9)
JKNPP 3 (-1)
CPI (M) 1 (-1)
People’s Democratic Front 1 (+1)
JK Democratic Party – Nationalist 1 (+1)
BSP 0 (-1)
JKAL 0 (-1)
DM 0 (-1)

The BJP gained a lot in Jammu, while the NC lost some ground there.

Haven’t followed it very closely, but from what I read on the interwebs, the JKNC (pro-India) and INC could form a government, which would have 45 seats. It could seek support from Indies and smaller parties to prop it up and ensure stability for the assembly’s full term. The Chief Minister would be Omar Abdhullah, the JKNC leader.

NDTV has an interactive Flash map with the results by constituency here.