Daily Archives: December 25, 2008

Jammu and Kashmir 2008

Jammu and Kashmir (India) finished state elections yesterday. The election took 7 phases.

Jammu and Kashmir is 67% Muslim, and 97% in Kashmir. Jammu is 65% Hindu and 31% Muslim. Ladakh, which has the smallest population (2% of the total, against 54% in Kashmir and 44% in Jammu), is 47% Muslim and 46% Buddhist/others.

The last election took place in October 2002, and before that, in 1996.

JKNC 28.24% winning 28 seats
INC 24.24% winning 20 seats
PDP 9.28% winning 16 seats
Indies 16.50% winning 13 seats
JKNPP 3.83% winning 4 seats
CPI (M) 0.88% winning 2 seats
BJP 8.57% winning 1 seat
BSP 4.50% winning 1 seat
JKAL 0.91% winning 1 seat
DM 0.62% winning 1 seat

2002 map from the ECI

The INC formed a coalition government including the PDP and the JKNPP. However, the PDP left government in June 2008 and JK has been under President’s rule (an article in the Indian constitution allows the federal government to take over the state government when no clear majority can be formed).

There are 87 seats up for grabs, and 1,354 candidates in all.

Romania 2008: Government Formed

A government coalition has been formed in Romania, a bit less than a month after the legislative elections. The PSD and PD-L, the two largest parties, have formed a grand coalition. It has 229 seats in the lower house, out of 334 seats. Or, over two-thirds of seats (69%). In the Senate, it has 100 out of 137 seats, or 73% of seats.

However, it does not seem that the UDMR has entered government and will likely form the opposition with the PNL.

Emil Boc (PD-L), former Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, is Prime Minister. Dan Nica (PSD) is Deputy PM. There are 9 PD-L ministers, 8 PSD ministers, and one ex-PNL Independent (Cătălin Predoiu, Justice, top post). There is one PSD Minister delegate, Victor Ponta in Relations with Parliament.

PSD leader Mircea Geoană is the new leader of the Senate, and PD-L MEP Roberta Alma Anastasa is the new leader of the Chamber of Deputies.