Abruzzo 2008

The right has gained another region in Italy, after winning back Friuli-Venezia Giulia. PdL candidate Giovanni Chiodi defeated IdV-PD candidate Carlo Costantini in the direct vote for President 48.81-42.67. Turnout was only 52.97%, down from 68.58% in 2005.

Full results. The UDC is excluded from the 2006 right-wing totals since they ran alone this time. UDEUR is excluded from the left in 2006 and included with the UDC.


Giovanni Chiodi (PdL) 48.81% (8 regional seats)
Carlo Costantini (IdV-PD) 42.67% (1 regional seat)
Rodolfo de Laurentiis (UDC-UDEUR) 5.38%
Teodoro Buontempo (Destra) 1.90%
Ilaria del Biondo (PCL) 0.76%
Angelo di Prospero (PBC) 0.46%

Regional Council

PdL 35.18% (+8.00%) 15 (+7)
DC-LD-PRI-Rialzati Abruzzo 7.41% (+7.41%) 3 (+3)
MPA 3.32% (+3.32%) 1 (+1)
Liberalsocialisti 1.42% (+0.46%) compared to NPSI

PdL 47.36% (+14.57%) 19 seats (+10)
PD 19.61% (-15.72%) 7 (-5)
IdV 15.03% (+12.58%) 5 (+4)
PRC 2.84% (-2.07%) 1 (-)
Sinistra (Greens) 2.22% (+0.21%) 1 (-)
PCI 1.83% (-1.15%) 1 (-)
PS 1.73% (-3.48%) 0 (-2)
Democrats for Abruzzo 1.38% (+1.38%)
PD-IdV-PRC 44.65% (-13.26%) 15 seats (-4)
UDC-UDEUR 5.61% (-7.54%) 2 seats (-2)
Destra 1.76% (+1.76%)
PCL 0.37% (+0.37%)
PBC 0.22% (+0.22%)

The MPA’s excellent result is one of the most striking things here. A Sicilian-based DC-like crook party, the MPA apparently allied with a small “Alliance for Central Italy” party in Abruzzo and other regions to set up a strong MPA structure there. Didn’t work out too badly, indeed. The IdV also did well, but a bit less than I could have expected. Costantini, however, an IdVer himself, did worse than the combined left-wing coalition in the council. A poor result for the UDC-UDEUR coalition, especially when compared to combined UDC-UDEUR totals in ’05.

A quick map. Interesting to compare a few of those maps (PdL, for example) to the past electoral maps posted in the other post. The PdL candidate was the Mayor of Teramo, so he had a bit of favourite son support in Teramo and the combined right broke 50% there. Lots of differences in the MPA result: below 0.5% in Teramo, above 6% in L’Aquila.


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