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Comic Relief from Turkmenistan

“Elections” were held in Turkmenistan on Sunday December 14, and there’s nothing like “elections” when it comes to having a good laugh, sadly. There are 125 FPTP seats, just another way to prevent anybody except from the government apparatchiks to win seats. Ethnic minorities were not even allowed to run.

Theoretically, there was “progress” made, by allowing parties other than the Democratic Party (DPT) to run candidates. Of course, nobody else signed up except for pro-DPT indies. Even then, tradition says that elections must still be tricked. The observers, mostly from other CIS nations that like to hold fake elections, reported that it was free and fair.

“The parliamentary elections were well-organized, competitive and free. They were held in compliance with election legislation in effect in the country and generally recognized norms of democratic elections, and were marked by high voter turnout.”
—Sergei Lebedev, head of the CIS election observation team (also happens to be in the SVR, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service)

93% turned out to vote. According to slightly more reliable sources, more like 30% turned out.

A few other quotes: “I didn’t vote… Why vote if the electoral commission members are going to do it instead of us?” and “We were told in advance who to vote for, so we did”.

WorldElections projects: DPT and allies 125. 100% accuracy certified.

Abruzzo 2008

The right has gained another region in Italy, after winning back Friuli-Venezia Giulia. PdL candidate Giovanni Chiodi defeated IdV-PD candidate Carlo Costantini in the direct vote for President 48.81-42.67. Turnout was only 52.97%, down from 68.58% in 2005.

Full results. The UDC is excluded from the 2006 right-wing totals since they ran alone this time. UDEUR is excluded from the left in 2006 and included with the UDC.


Giovanni Chiodi (PdL) 48.81% (8 regional seats)
Carlo Costantini (IdV-PD) 42.67% (1 regional seat)
Rodolfo de Laurentiis (UDC-UDEUR) 5.38%
Teodoro Buontempo (Destra) 1.90%
Ilaria del Biondo (PCL) 0.76%
Angelo di Prospero (PBC) 0.46%

Regional Council

PdL 35.18% (+8.00%) 15 (+7)
DC-LD-PRI-Rialzati Abruzzo 7.41% (+7.41%) 3 (+3)
MPA 3.32% (+3.32%) 1 (+1)
Liberalsocialisti 1.42% (+0.46%) compared to NPSI

PdL 47.36% (+14.57%) 19 seats (+10)
PD 19.61% (-15.72%) 7 (-5)
IdV 15.03% (+12.58%) 5 (+4)
PRC 2.84% (-2.07%) 1 (-)
Sinistra (Greens) 2.22% (+0.21%) 1 (-)
PCI 1.83% (-1.15%) 1 (-)
PS 1.73% (-3.48%) 0 (-2)
Democrats for Abruzzo 1.38% (+1.38%)
PD-IdV-PRC 44.65% (-13.26%) 15 seats (-4)
UDC-UDEUR 5.61% (-7.54%) 2 seats (-2)
Destra 1.76% (+1.76%)
PCL 0.37% (+0.37%)
PBC 0.22% (+0.22%)

The MPA’s excellent result is one of the most striking things here. A Sicilian-based DC-like crook party, the MPA apparently allied with a small “Alliance for Central Italy” party in Abruzzo and other regions to set up a strong MPA structure there. Didn’t work out too badly, indeed. The IdV also did well, but a bit less than I could have expected. Costantini, however, an IdVer himself, did worse than the combined left-wing coalition in the council. A poor result for the UDC-UDEUR coalition, especially when compared to combined UDC-UDEUR totals in ’05.

A quick map. Interesting to compare a few of those maps (PdL, for example) to the past electoral maps posted in the other post. The PdL candidate was the Mayor of Teramo, so he had a bit of favourite son support in Teramo and the combined right broke 50% there. Lots of differences in the MPA result: below 0.5% in Teramo, above 6% in L’Aquila.