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Abruzzo 2008 (December 14-15)

Regional elections are being held in the Italian region of Abruzzo today and tommorrow (polls close at 15:00 on Monday). This election is to replace the incumbent President, Ottaviano Del Turco (PD), who resigned after being suspected of criminal activities. Del Turco, then SDI, was elected in the red wave that swept the 2005 Italian regional elections. He defeated the AN incumbent, Giovanni Pace, in a landslide. Del Turco was the first outright left-winger to win the regional presidency of the traditionally conservative-Christian democratic region, although a PPI (successor to DC) member was elected from 1995 to 2000.

The winning majority will serve a normal five-year term until 2013 (while all other regions renewed in 2005 will be renewed in 2010).

PD 35.33 (2005: DS+DL): 12
PS 5.21 (SDI): 2
PRC 4.91: 1
UDEUR 4.73: 1
PCI 2.95: 1
IdV 2.45: 1
Greenies 2.01: 1
Other left 0.32

Left 57.91: 19 seats
PdL 27.18 (FI+AN): 8
UDC 8.42: 3
DCA 2.79: 1
Reformist Moderates: 1.16
New Italian Socialist Party–PRI–PLI: 0.96
Others: 0.71

Right 41.21: 12 seats
Assorted Fascists 0.88

The election was delayed from November 30-December 1 to the 14th and 15th to make place and time for a tiny list For the Common Good (PBC). The PdL is running alone, having refused to run with the UDC or La Destra. Its candidate is Gianni Chiodi, a former mayor of Teramo. The left finally settled and united behind Carlo Constanini, a member of the IdV (Italy of Values. Its leader, Antoni di Pietro comes from neighboring Molise). Constanini will lead a large IdV-PD- Commies-Greenies-PS list. Various centrists, the UDC and the UDEUR (I would’ve thought those crooks were dead…) have settled on Rodolfo de Laurentiis. Other candidates include Teodoro Buontempo (Destra), Leopoldo Rossini (Lega Nord), Angelo di Prospero (PBC), and Ilaria del Biondo (Trot).

Random election maps from a few past elections (the party maps are from 2008 Senate, btw). 2006 and 2008 Camera maps are the same as the Senate maps, btw.