Ghana 2008

Brief overview of institutions in Ghana:

President: John Agyekum Kufuor (NPP) [since 7 January 2001; elected 2000, re-elected 2004] The President is elected by direct popular vote for a 4-year term. Since Ghana is basically two-party (NPP and NDC), runoffs are not always held.
Parliament [unicameral]: (230 Seats) MPs are elected by direct popular vote in single-member constituencies using the first-past-the-post system
Parties: Convention People’s Party (CPP: socialist), National Democratic Congress (NDC: center-left, socialist), New Patriotic Party (NPP: liberal-conservative, close to the UK Tories),  People’s Convention Party (PCP: far-left), People’s National Convention (PNC: left, socialist). Two biggest parties are NPP and NDC. The PNC and CPP are small.

Results for President

Akufo-Addo (NPP) 49.34%
Atta-Mills (NDC) 47.77%
Nduon (CPP) 1.38%
Mahama (PNC) 0.81%
4 others taking the rest of the vote

Akufo-Addo will face Atta-Mills in a late December runoff. Akufo-Addo needs just a handful of votes to win (if there are no huge turnout swings + or -). The CPP and PNC candidates will likely support Atta-Mills, though.

In the Parliament, though, the NDC has made important gains and falls just short of a majority on its own

NDC 113 (+19)
NPP 109 (-19)
Ind 4 (+3)
CPP 1 (-2)
PNC 2 (-2)
One result withheld for now

As with most other West African countries, the electoral map could double, in most instances, as an ethnic map. At quick glance it seems that the map is Akan (NPP) vs. about every other ethnicity (NDC). The Muslim north is NDC, and the non-Muslim south is generally NPP. Like in countries like Nigeria or Cote-d’Ivoire.




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