India State Assemblies 2008

State assembly elections were held in five Indian states recently. The results were counted on December 7. A 6th state, Jammu and Kashmir are still voting in long elections and results will be tallied on the 27th. These elections were held after the Mumbai bombings, and the Hindu nats (BJP) tried to exploit it, but failed miserably. Not only did it not pickup anything anywhere but actually is on the way to lose control of Rajasthan to an INC-led coalition. It failed to pick up Delhi NCT, despite the INC all but giving it up a few days prior.

INC 42 (-5)
BJP 23 (+3)
BSP 2 (+2)
LJSP 1 (+1)
Independents 1 (±0)
Others 0 (-2)

INC 96 (+40)
BJP 78 (-42)
BSP 6 (+4)
CPI (M) 3 (+2)
JD (U) 1 (-1)
SP 1 (+1)
LSP 1 (+1)
Independents 14 (+1)
Other parties 0 (-6)

The 14 Independents are mostly INC members who lost the INC nomination and would likely support an INC government. INC gain

Madhya Pradesh (preliminary)
BJP 143 (-30)

INC 71 (+33)
BSP 7 (+5)
BJS 5 (+5)
SP 1 (-6)
Independent 3 (+1)
Other parties 0 (-8)

BJP 50 (±0)
INC 38 (+1)
BSP 2 (±0)
NCP 0 (-1)

INC 32 (+20)
MNF 3 (-18)
MZPC 2 (-1)
ZNP 2 (±0)
MDF 1 (±0)
HPC 0 (-1)

Mizoram is a small Christian far-eastern state. The BJP is inexistent in the province. Landslide defeat for the Mizo National Front. INC gain

India is an example of how awful FPTP can be at times. The popular vote doesn’t always show the same picture here, really.

This is some good news for the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), the incumbent centre-left INC-dominated coalition for the national Lok Sabha elections in 2009. The BJP seems stronger than in 2004, but it lost allies everywhere (notably the BSP), many to the commie Left Front.

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