Romania 2008: Vote Counts Only

Legislative elections to both houses were held on November 30 in Romania.

The results of last election in the lower house
PSD/Humanist Party 36.8% 132 seats (113 PSD, 19 PUR)
Justice and Truth Alliance (PD and PNL) 31.5% 112 seats (64 PNL, 48 PD)
Greater Romania Party 13.0% 48 seats
UDMR 6.2% 22 seats
minorities 18 seats (1 seat each for Roma, Germans, Armenians, Italians,
Bulgarians, Greeks, Jews, Lipovenians, Croatians, Albanians, Turco-Islamic
Tatars, Ukrainians, Slavonic Macedonians, Serbs, Ruthenians, Turks,
Poles, Czech-Slovaks)

In the Senate:
PSD/Humanist Party 37.2% 57 seats
Justice and Truth Alliance (PD and PNL) 31.8% 49 seats
Greater Romania Party 13.6% 21 seats
UDMR 6.1% 10 seats

The PC is the Conservative Party, a ultra-conservative kooky party allied with the Social Democrats (for some weird reason). Romania seems to have adopted MMP since the last election in 2004.

With 99.62% of the votes counted, the vote count is currently (seat count still unknown).

PSD+PC: 33.09%

PD-L: 32.34%
PNL: 18.57%
UDMR: 6.18%
PRM: 3.15%
PNG-CD: 2.28%

PSD+PC: 34.12%
PD-L: 33.57%
PNL: 18.75%
UDMR: 6.41%

PRM: 3.56%
PNG-CD: 2.53%

The exit poll from last night, which turned out inaccurate in a few spots projected this final distribution of seats for both houses. The PRM, a far-right nationalist party which was in the presidential runoff in 2000, has lost all its seats in both houses. The PNG-CD, a party classified by the US DoS as extreme-nationalist and having links with a Iron Guard revival group, has also failed to enter parliament.


PSD-PC: 122
PDL: 102
PNL: 68
UDMR: 22
(Minorities 18)

PSD-PC: 52
PDL: 45
PNL: 29
UDMR: 11

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  1. HI,

    I am Czech living in America and I was wondering if you knew how many Czechs and Slovaks live in Romania? I have no idea…..



  2. Hi, Tanja!
    I’m Hungarian, but my grandma’ is living in Transilvania, so I know the popularity of Romania. There are only four or five thousand czechs and slovaks in Romania. Not many…

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