Daily Archives: November 26, 2008

Greenland Referendum 2008

A self-determination/devolution referendum was held yesterday in Greenland, part of Denmark. The proposal will will expand home rule in 30 areas, including police, courts, and the coast guard, give Greenland a say in foreign policy and a more definite split of future oil revenue, and make Greenlandic the sole official language. However, subsidies from Copenhagen would be phased out (which represent a major part of the local economy).

On a turnout of 71.96% of the approximately 39,000 voters (majority Inuit), the proposal passed overwhelmingly.

Yes 75.54
No 23.57
Invalid 0.89


Ivittuut municipality (entirely composed of the Danish naval base in Kangilinnguit, whose population is mostly military personnel) voted no with 75.38% (49 votes). Pituffik town (Thule Air Base), which is strangely counted in Nuuk municipality also voted no with 56.06% (37 votes). The blue area on the map is a national park, and polar bears don’t vote, sadly. The yes passed with 63% in Nuuk, which was the only division to vote for the anti-independence Democrats in 2005. In the city of Nuuk itself, the capital, the yes also passed with over 60%.

Venezuela Regionals 2008

Regional and local elections were held in Venezuela on Sunday November 23. 22 governors (Amazonas was elected in 2005, and not 2004), 2 metro mayors (including Caracas), 328 mayors and 251 alderman were up for election. This was also the first election since Hugo Chavez founded the PSUV in April of this year.


  • PSUV 17 (-3)
  • Opposition (AD, Primero Justicia, UNT) 5 (+3)

In addition, outspoken Chavez critic Antonio Ledezma (Fearless People’s Alliance) was elected Mayor of Caracas (metropolitan mayor) with 52.4% against 44.97% for the PSUV-Chavista candidate.

Top four states (excluding Caracas, which is weird):

Zulia (Maracaibo): (3.620 mln) – opposition hold
Miranda: (2.828 mln) – oppozition gain
Carabobo: (2.227 mln) – oppozition gain
Lara (1.795 mln) – chavista hold