San Marino 2008

A snap election was held in San Marino on November 9. The last election saw a Social Democrat (20)+centrist Popular Alliance (7)+United Left (5) coalition victory. Since then a new electoral law was approved imposing an electoral threshold of 3.5%, coalitions, two-round elections and a majority premium for the winning coalition. In June, the Popular Alliance left the government coalition, bringing down the government. This despite an attempt by the PSD to form a “government of 31”, supported only by 31 members, but 2 of its own members left and formed “Arengo and Freedom”, which ran candidates in the PDCS list in this election.

PDCS-EPS-AeL 31.9% 22 seats
Popular Alliance 11.52% 7 seats
Freedom List 6.28% 4 seats
Union of Moderates 4.17% 2 seats
All coalition 0.35%
Pact for San Marino (Right) 54.22% 35 seats
PSD 31.96% 18 seats
United Left 8.57% 5 seats
Centre Democrats 4.94% 2 seats
All coalition 0.31%
Reforms and Freedoms (Left) 45.78% 25 seats


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